High resolution and in-situ transmission electron microscopy of single crystalline superalloys – structure and properties of defects, interfaces and precipitates A7 All Bibtex Entries BibTEX
Tension/compression asymmetry of a creep deformed single crystral Co-base superalloy
M. Lenz, Y.M. Eggeler, J. Müller, C.H. Zenk, N. Volz, P. Wollgramm, G. Eggeler, S. Neumeier, M. Goeken, E. Spiecker
Acta Mater. 166 (2019) pp. 597-610
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Early stages of scale formation during oxidation of gamma / gammaʼ strengthened single crystal ternary Co-based superalloy at 900°C
M. Weiser, Y.M. Eggeler, E. Spiecker, S. Virtanen
Corrosion Science 135 (2018) pp. 78-86
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X. Wu, A. Dlouhy Y.M. Eggeler, E. Spiecker, A. Kostka, C. Somsen, G. Eggeler
Acta Mater. 144 (2018) pp. 642-655
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On the grain boundary strengthening effect of boron in γ/γ′ Cobalt-base superalloys
M. Kolb, L.P. Freund, F. Fischer, I. Povstugar, S.K. Makineni, B. Gault, D. Raabe, J. Müller, E. Spiecker, S. Neumeier, M. Goeken
Acta Mater. 145 (2018) pp. 247-254
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On the diffusive phase transformation mechanism assisted by extended dislocations during of a single crystal Co-Ni-based superalloy
S.K. Makineni, A. Kumar, M. Lenz, P. Kontis, T. Meiners, C.H. Zenk, S. Zaefferer, G. Eggeler, S. Neumeier, D. Raabe, B. Gault
Acta Mater. 155 (2018) pp. 362-371
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Elemental segregation to antiphase boundaries in a crept CoNi-based single crystal superalloy, Scripta Mater.
S.K. Makineni, M. Lenz, S. Neumeier, E. Spiecker, F. Raabe, B. Gault
Scripta Mater. 157 (2018) pp. 62-66
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Thermophysical and mechanical properties of advanced single crystalline Co-base superalloys
N. Volz, C.H. Zenk, R. Cherukuri, T. Kalfhaus, M. Weiser, S.K. Makineni, C. Betzing, M. Lenz, B. Gault, S.G. Fries, J. Schreuer, R. Vaßen, S. Virtanen, D. Raabe, E. Spiecker, S. Neumeier, M. Goeken
Met. Mat. Trans. A 49 (2018) pp. 4099-4109
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Correlative microscopy - Novel methods and their applications to explore 3D chemistry and structure of nanoscale lattice defects: a case study in superalloys
S.K. Makineni, M. Lenz, P. Kontis, Z. Li, A. Kumar, P.J. Felfer, S. Neumeier, M. Herbig, E. Spiecker, D. Raabe, B. Gault
JOM 70 (2018) pp. 1736-1743
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Identification of a ternary m-phase in the Co-Ti-W system - An advanced correlative thin-film and bulk combinatorial materials investigation
D. Naujoks, Y.M. Eggeler, P. Hallensleben, J. Frenzel, S.G. Fries, M. Palumbo, J. Koßmann, T. Hammerschmidt, J. Pfetzing-Micklich, G. Eggeler, E. Spiecker, R. Drautz, A. Ludwig
Acta Mater. 138 (2017) pp. 100-110
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Planar defect formation in the gammaʼ phase during high temperature creep in single crystal CoNi-base superalloys
Y.M. Eggeler, J. Müller, M.S. Titus, A. Suzuki, T.M. Pollock, E. Spiecker
Acta Mater. 113 (2016) pp. 335-349
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Advanced scale bridging microstructure analysis of single crystal Ni-base superalloys
A.B. Parsa, P. Wollgramm, H. Buck, Ch. Somsen, A. Kostka, I. Povstugar, P. Choi, D. Raabe, A. Dlouhy, J. Müller, E. Spiecker, K. Demtröder, J. Schreuer, K. Neuking, G. Eggeler
Adv. Eng. Mat. 17 (2015) pp. 216-230
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On the identification of superdislocations in the γ’-phase of single crystal Ni-base superalloys - an application of the LACBED method to complex microstructures
J. Müller, G. Eggeler, E. Spiecker
Acta Mater. 87 (2015) pp. 34-44
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Advanced FIB lamella lift out technique from a TEM foil
J. Müller, M.J. Mills, E. Spiecker
Proc. of the 18th International Microscopy Congress (2014)
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Assessing phase stability and lattice misfit in Co-base superalloys at elevated temperatures by in situ TEM heating experiments
Y.M. Eggeler, J. Müller, S. Fries, E. Spiecker
Proc. of the 18th International Mi- croscopy Congress (2014) 07.09.-12.09.2014
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Simultaneous strain and chemical mapping by CBED-EDXS applied to Ni-based superalloys
J. Müller, F. Niekiel, E. Spiecker
Proceedings of the Microscopy Conference 2013, Regensburg, (2013) 25.08.-30.08.2013
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TEM analysis of localized, planar deformation events which govern creep of single crystalline CoNi-superalloys with γ/γ'-microstructures
Y. Eggeler, J. Müller, M.S. Titus, A. Suzuki, T.M. Pollock, E. Spiecker
Proceedings of the Microscopy Conference 2013, Regensburg, (2013) 25.08.-30.08.2013
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Atom probe informed simulations of dislocation-precipitate interactions reveal the importance of local interface curvature
A. Prakash, J. Guénolé, J. Wang, J. Müller, E. Spiecker, M. J. Mills, I. Povstugar, P. Choi, D. Raabe, E. Bitzek
Acta Mater. (accepted for publication)
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