Microstructure evolution in single crystal superalloys simulated by the phase-field method C5 All Bibtex Entries BibTEX
On crystal mosaicity in single crystal Ni-base superalloys
P. Hallensleben, F. Scholz, P. Thome, H. Schaar, I. Steinbach, G. Eggeler, J. Frenzel
Crystals 9 (2019) pp. 149-168
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Development of single-crystal Ni-based superalloys based on multi-criteria numerical optimization and efficient use of refractory elements
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Met. Mat. Trans. A 49 (2018) pp. 4134-4145
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Rejuvenation of SX Ni-base superalloy turbine blades: Unlimited service life?
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Met. Mat. Trans. A 49 (2018) pp. 4262-4273
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Topological phase inversion after long-term thermal exposure of nickel-base superalloys: Experiment and phase-field simulation
J.V. Goerler, L. Mujica Roncery, I. Lopez-Galilea, O. Shchyglo, I. Steinbach, W. Theisen
Acta Mater. 124 (2017) pp. 151-158
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On the evolution of cast microstructures during processing of single crystal Ni-base superalloys using a Bridgman seed technique
P. Hallensleben, H. Schaar, P. Thome, M. Joens, A. Jafarizadeh, I. Steinbach, G. Eggeler, J. Frenzel
Materials & Design 128 (2017) pp. 98-111
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S. Gao, M.K. Rajendran, M. Fivel, A. Ma, O. Shchyglo, A. Hartmaier, I. Steinbach
Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng. 23 (2015) 075003
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Incorporating the CALPHAD sublattice approach of ordering into the phase-field model with finite interface dissipation
L. Zhang, M. Stratmann, Y. Du, B. Sundman, I. Steinbach
Acta Materialia 88 (2015) pp. 156-169
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Gamma-channel stabilization mechanism in Ni-base superalloys
J. V. Görler, S. Brinckmann, O. Shchyglo, I. Steinbach
Philosophical Magazine Letters 95 No. 11 (2015) pp. 519-525
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Large scale 3-D phase-field simulation of coarsening in Ni-base superalloys
Mohan Kumar Rajendran, Oleg Shchyglo and Ingo Steinbach
MATEC Web of Conferences, EUROSUPERALLOYS 2014 – 2nd European Symposium on Superalloys and their Applications 14, 2014 (2014) pp. 11001 1-5
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Tertiary dendritic instability in late stage solidification of Ni-based superalloys
M. M. Franke, R. F. Singer, I. Steinbach
Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng. 22 (2014) pp. 025026
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Phase-field modeling of grain-boundary premelting using obstacle potentials
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Physical Review E 60 (2014) pp. 012401 1-10
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Microsegregation and secondary phase formation during directional solicification of the single-crystal Ni-based superalloy LEK94
I. Lopez-Galilea, S. Huth, S.G. Fries, N. Warnken, I. Steinbach, W. Theisen
Metallurgical and Material Transactions A 43 (2012) pp. 5153-5164
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