Single crystal solidification with enhanced microstructure B1 All Bibtex Entries BibTEX
O.M. Horst, D. Schmitz, J. Schreuer, P. Git, H. Wang, C. Körner, G. Eggeler
Journal of Materials Science 56 (2021) pp. 7637–7658
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O. M. Horst, S. Ibrahimkhel, J. Streitberger, N. Wochmjakow, P. Git, F. Scholz, P. Thome, R. F. Singer, C. Körner, J. Frenzel, G. Eggeler
Superalloys 2020 (2020) pp. 60-70
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Exploring the fundamentals of Ni-based superalloy single crystal (SX) alloy design: Chemical composition vs. microstructure
O.M. Horst, D. Adler, P. Git, H. Wang, J. Streitberger, M. Holtkamp, N. Jöns, R.F. Singer, C. Körner, G. Eggeler
Materials & Design 195 (2020) 108976
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Mult Opt++: a fast regression-based model for the development of compositions with high robustness against scatter of element concentrations
A. Müller, I. Roslyakova, M. Sprenger, P. Git, R. Rettig, M. Markl, C. Körner, R.F. Singer
Mod. Sim. Mat. Sci. Eng. 27 (2019) article no.: 024001
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Development of single-crystal Ni-based superalloys based on multi-criteria numerical optimization and efficient use of refractory elements
M. Markl, A. Müller, N. Ritter, M. Hofmeister, D. Naujoks, H. Schaar, K. Abrahams, J. Frenzel, A.P.A. Subramanyam, A. Ludwig, J. Pfetzing-Micklich, T. Hammerschmidt, R. Drautz, I. Steinbach, R. Rettig, R.F. Singer, C. Körner
Met. Mat. Trans. A 49 (2018) pp. 4134-4145
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On the influence of Ta and Ti on heat-treatability and γ/γʼ-partitioning of high W containing Re-free Ni-based superalloys
N.C. Ritter, E. Schesler, A. Müller, R. Rettig, C. Körner, R.F. Singer
Advanced Eng. Mat. (2017) article no.: 1700150
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Single crystal casting with fluidized carbon bed cooling: a process innovation for quality improvement and cost reduction
M. Hofmeister, M.M. Franke, C. Körner, R.F. Singer
Met. Mat. Trans. B 48 (2017) pp. 3132-3142
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Development of a low density Re-free single crystal Ni-based superalloy by application of numerical multi criteria optimization using thermodynamic calculations
R. Rettig, K. Matuszewski, A. Müller, H.E. Helmer, N.C. Ritter, R.F. Singer
in: Superalloys 2016: Proc. 13th Int. Symp. on Superalloys, edited by: M.Hardy et al., TMS (2016) pp. 35-44
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M. Pröbstle, S.Neumeier, P.Feldner, R.Rettig, H.E.Helmer, R.F.Singer, M. Göken
Mat. Sci. Eng. A 676 (2016) pp. 411-420
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Effects of Ru on elemental partitioning and precipitation of topologically close-packed phases in Ni-based superalloys
Z. Peng, I. Povstugar, K. Matuszewski, R. Rettig, R. Singer, A. Kostka, P. Choi, D. Raabe
Scripta Materialia 101 (2015) pp. 44-47
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On the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of TCP Phase Precipitation in Re- and Ru- Containing Ni-base Superalloys
K. Matuszewski, A. Müller, N. Ritter, R. Rettig, K. J. Kurzydłowski, R. F. Singer
Advanced Engineering Materials 17 (2015) pp. 1127-1133
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Single-crystal nickel-based superalloys developed by numerical multi-criteria optimization techniques: design based on thermodynamic calculations and experimental validation
R. Rettig, N.C. Ritter, H.E. Helmer, S. Neumeier, R.F. Singer
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 23 (2015) pp. 035004
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Optimization of the homogenization heat treatment of nickel-based superalloys based on phase-field simulations: Numerical methods and experimental validation
R. Rettig, N.C. Ritter, F. Müller, M.M. Franke, R.F. Singer
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 46 (2015) pp. 5842-5855
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Corrosion behaviour of stainless steels and a single crystal superalloy in a ternary LiCl-KCl-CsCl molten salt
M. Hofmeister, L. Klein, H. Miran, R. Rettig, S. Virtanen, R.F. Singer
Corrosion Science 90 (2015) pp. 46-53
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Effect of ruthenium on the precipitation of topologically close packed phases in Ni-based superalloys of 3rd and 4th generation
K. Matuszewski, R. Rettig, H. Matysiak, Z. Peng, I. Povstugar, P. Choi, J. Müller, D. Raabe, E. Spiecker, K. J. Kurzydłowski, R. F. Singer
Acta Materialia 95 (2015) pp. 274–283
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The effect of Ru on precipitation of topologically close packed phases in Re – containing Ni base superalloys: Quantitative FIB-SEM investigation and 3D image modeling
K. Matuszewski, R. Rettig, R. F. Singer
MATEC Web of Conferences: Eurosuperalloys 2014: 2nd European Symposium on Superalloys and their Applications, Giens, France 14 (2014) pp. 09001 (1- 6)
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The three-dimensional morphology of topologically close packed phases in a high rhenium containing Nickel based superalloy
K. Matuszewski, R. Rettig, M. Rasiński, K.J. Kurzydłowski, R.F. Singer
Advanced Engineering Materials 16 (2014) pp. 171-175
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Tertiary dendritic instability in late stage solidification of Ni-based superalloys
M.M. Franke, R.F. Singer, I. Steinbach
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 22 (2014) pp. 025026
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Fast interpolation algorithm for the calculation of thermodynamic property maps of microstructures
R. Rettig, R.F. Singer
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 22 (2014) pp. 085002
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The effect of liquid metal cooling on thermal gradients in directional solidification of superalloys: Thermal analysis
M.M. Franke, R.M. Hilbinger, A. Lohmüller, R.F. Singer
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 213 (2013) pp. 2081-2088
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Influence of ruthenium on topologically close packed phase precipitation in single-crystal Ni-based superalloys: Numerical experiments and validation
R. Rettig, R.F. Singer
Superalloys 2012 (2012) pp. 205-214
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Discontinuous precipitation and phase stability in Re- and Ru-containing Nickel-base superalloys
A. Heckl, S. Cenanovic, M. Göken, R.F. Singer
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 43A (2012) pp. 10-19
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