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Micro-tensile creep testing of freestanding MCrAlY bond coats
S. Giese, S. Neumeier, D. Matschkal, J. Bergholz, R. Vassen, M. Goeken
accepted for publication in J. Mater. Res. (2019)
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Miniaturization of LCF-testing of single crystal superalloys at high temperature for uncoated and coated specimens
C. Meid, U. Waedt, A. Subramaniam, J. Wischek, P. Terberger, R. Vaßen, M. Bartsch
accepted for publication in Mater. Sci. Eng. Technol. (2019)
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Repair of Ni-based single crystal superalloys using vacuum plasma spraying
T. Kalfhaus, M. Schneider, B. Ruttert, D. Sebold, T. Hammerschmidt, J. Frenzel, R. Drautz, W. Theisen, G. Eggeler, O. Guillon, R. Vaßen
Materials and Design 168 (2019) article no.: 107656
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Superior cyclic life of thermal barrier coatings with advanced bond coats on single-crystal superalloys
C. Vorkoetter, D.E. Mack, O. Guillon, R. Vaßen
Surf. Coat. Techn. 361 (2019) pp. 150-158
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A TEM Investigation of Columnar-Structured Thermal Barrier Coatings Deposited by Plasma Spray-Physical Vapor Deposition (PS-PVD)
S. Rezanka, C. Somsen, G. Eggeler, G. Mauer, R. Vaßen, O. Guillon
Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing (2018) pp. 791-802
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Mechanical properties of sprayed overlayers on superalloy substrates, obtained via indentation testing
J.E. Campbell, T. Kalfhaus, R. Vassen, R.P. Thompson, J. Dean, T.W. Clyne
Acta Mater. 154 (2018) pp. 237-245
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Influence of coating thichness on residual stress and adhesion-strength of cold sprayed Inconel 718 coatings
R. Singh, S. Schruefer, S. Wilson, J. Gibmeier, R. Vaßen
Surf. Coat. Technol. 350 (2018) pp. 64-73
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A TEM investigation of columnar-structured thermal barrier coatings deposited by plasma spray physical vapor deposition
S. Rezanka, C. Somsen, G. Eggeler, G. Maurer, R. Vaßen, O. Guillon
Plasma Chem. Plasma Process. 38 (2018) pp. 791-802
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Thermophysical and mechanical properties of advanced single crystalline Co-base superalloys
N. Volz, C.H. Zenk, R. Cherukuri, T. Kalfhaus, M. Weiser, S.K. Makineni, C. Betzing, M. Lenz, B. Gault, S.G. Fries, J. Schreuer, R. Vaßen, S. Virtanen, D. Raabe, E. Spiecker, S. Neumeier, M. Goeken
Met. Mat. Trans. A 49 (2018) pp. 4099-4109
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Probabilistic lifetime model for atmospherically plasma sprayed thermal barrier systems
C. Nordhorn, R. Mücke, D.E. Mack, R. Vaßen
Mech. Materials 93 (2016) pp. 199-208
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Novel opportunities for thermal spray by PS-PVD
G. Mauer, M.O. Jarligo, S.A. Rezanka, R. Hospach, R. Vaßen
Surface & Coatings Technology 268 (2015) pp. 52-57
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Isothermal aging of a γ′-strengthened Co–Al–W alloy coated with vacuum plasma-sprayed MCrAlY bond coats
P. Terberger, D. Sebold, R. Webler, M. Ziener, S. Neumeier, L. Klein, S. Virtanen, M. Göken, R. Vassen
Surface and Coatings Technology 276 (2015) pp. 360 – 367
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Evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties of coated Co-base superalloys during heat treatment and thermal exposure
R. Webler, M. Ziener, S. Neumeier, P.J. Terberger, R. Vaßen, M. Göken
Mat. Sci. Eng. A 628 (2015) pp. 374-381
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