EuroSuperalloys 2014 / Second TAAB Meeting

The Second European Meeting on Superalloys, EuroSuperalloys 2014, took place from 12-16th May in Giens, France. Main organizer was the French materials organization SF2M. Close to 250 participants from industry and academia from all over the world participated in the meeting. The scientific and technological objectives of EuroSuperalloys 2014 are very close to the mission of SFB/TR 103. This is why all projects of our collaborative research center sent delegates. At EuroSuperalloys 2014 the SFB/TR 103 was clearly visible. Six oral and eleven poster presentations were contributed by SFB/TR 103 scientists. One of the SFB/TR 103 projects (A7 from Prof. E. Spiecker, Erlangen) received the best poster award. EuroSuperalloys 2014 closed on Friday 16th lunchtime, when the meeting with the Technical Academic Advisory Board (TAAB) started. The afternoon and evening were spend with presentations and with dicussions with the TAAB members (Jonathan Cormier - ISAE, ENSMA, Poitier, France; Johannes Gabel - MTU, Munich, Germany; Oliver Lüsebrink - Siemens AG, Mülheim, Germany; Mike Mills - The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA; Roger Reed - University of Oxford, Cambridge, UK). The speakers of the cross sectional groups of SFB/TR 103 presented the scientific progress in the collaborative research centre and outlined possible directions for the future (Gunther Eggeler - introduction/overview and mechanical properties; Robert Singer - Ni-base SX; Mathias Göken - Co-base SX; Erdmann Spiecker - chararacterization; Thomas Hammerschmidt (replacing Ralf Drautz) - scale bridging modelling). All projects had prepared posters for the TAAB members to highlight individual project achievements and to point out possible directions for further research. The TAAB members discussed the oral and poster presentations of SFB/TR103 in a closed meeting. Mike Mills, the chairman of the Scientific Techological Advisory Board informed the SFB/TR103 scientists about the outcome of the TAAB discussions. He made clear that SFB/TR103 is on a good way and that collaboration has clearly helped to progress the field. He highlighted strengths and weaknesses and gave some suggestions for further research. The TAAB meeting closed at 8 pm.