Projects SFB/Transregio 103
A7 High resolution and in-situ transmission electron microscopy of single crystalline superalloys – structure and properties of defects, interfaces and precipitates
Project A7 uses advanced aberration-corrected high resolution and analytical transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to study the atomic structure and chemistry of dislocations, planar defects and interfaces with the goal to contribute to an understanding of their role for the creep properties of Ni- and Co-base superalloys. A second focus is on in-situ TEM studies with chip-based heating systems to gain insight into the temperature dependent γ/γ’ lattice misfit, the formation of tertiary precipitates and TCP phases and the behavior of crystal defects at elevated temperatures and fast heating and cooling rates. Fast heating and cooling rates allow the investigation of transient diffusion phenomena and segregation effects at interfaces and defects. In all these efforts the project closely collaborates with complementary experimental and modeling projects.

Publications A7