Projects SFB/Transregio 103
C8 Micromechanical analysis of dislocation networks at dynamic γ/γ’-interfaces
Project C8 aims at answering the questions if experimentally observed grooves and ledges around ɣ’ particles is an effect mainly driven by cooling or if it is a dynamic effect during deformation as well as the effect of the misfit dislocation network on rafting of ɣ’ particles. This is achieved through a simplified model for dislocation climb and dynamic coupling of discrete dislocation dynamics with the phase field method. Parametrization and calibration is achieved using previous works as well as a direct comparison to shear creep experiments from other projects of SFB/TR 103. The work of project
C8 will answer long standing experimental observations and extends the current understanding of the evolution of the microstructures in superalloys.

Publications C8