Projects SFB/Transregio 103
B5 Combinatorial materials research on model systems for the revelation of thermodynamic equilibria and elementary kinetic processes
A. Ludwig, J. Pfetzing-Micklich
B5 performs basic research on model systems using combinatorial materials science to understand thermodynamic equilibria and kinetic processes in superalloys. The formation of solid solutions and intermetallic alloys in systems with three and more components will be investigated. New intermetallic phases and compounds will be identified. The project assesses composition-dependent properties like oxidation resistance, hardness, Young’s modulus as well as electrical and optical properties using high throughput methods. B5 supports the theory projects C1 and C6 by providing relevant experimental input and benchmark data. The project investigates atomic mobilities in thin film diffusion couples. Projects B5 also builds a bridge to the new research area of complex solid solutions (high entropy alloys). A close collaboration with project B7 allows a critical comparison between the evolution of microstructures in thin film and bulk systems.

Publications B5