Projects SFB/Transregio 103
A1 Mechanical and microstructural properties of single crystal superalloys – from elastic constants to high temperature plasticity
Project A1 explores and explains the mechanical properties of single crystal Co- and Ni-base superalloys at elevated temperatures. For this purpose static and dynamic, uni and multiaxial high temperature mechanical experiments are performed which allow to determine elastic, tensile, fatigue and creep properties. The interpretation of mechanical high temperature data requires a careful microstructural characterization. Therefore advanced scanning electron microscopy and X-ray line profile analysis will be used to study the evolution of microstructures. A1 exploits the resonance ultrasonic spectroscopy method to identify elastic and anelastic properties. The creep behavior of single crystal superalloys will be studied with a special focus on the dependence of creep rate on stress, strain, temperature, microstructure and alloy composition.

Publications A1