7th Interaction Week Grainau with Seminar and TAAB-Meeting

The 7th Interaction Week was held in a conference site in the Bavarian alps. All projects interacted with the objective to finalize their individual project proposals with a focus on scientific project interactions. In a first rehearsal, all SFB/TR 103 speakers presented their overview and project presentations for the assessment. The presentations were intensively discussed, impovements were suggested and modifications were agreed upon. A meeting with the international Technical Academic Advisory Board (TAAB) was integrated into the Interaction Week. The international board members (B. Clyne – University of Cambridge, A. Dlouhy – IPM Brno, M. Mills – OSU, P. Caron – ONERA, J. Gabel – MTU, U. Glatzel - Bayreuth) participated in the discussions and also presented their own current research results in the area of single crystal superalloys. Future research directions were discussed. All projects had prepared posters for the assessement in June 2016, which were critically reviewed. It was decided that the final proposal of SFB/TR 103 should be sent to the DFG by end of April 2015.

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