International Workshop - Modelling and Simulation of Superalloys

The international workshop 'Modelling and Simulation of Superalloys' took place at the RUB in Sep 2014 and was organised by Ralf Drautz, Thomas Hammerschmidt and Jutta Rogal from the SFB/TR 103 projects C1 and C2. The three-day workshop gave an overview of recent progress in modelling and simulation of materials for superalloys with a focus on single crystal Ni-base and Co-base alloys. Topics included electronic structure methods, atomistic simulations, microstructure modelling and modelling of microstructural evolution, solidification and process simulation as well as the modelling of phase stability and thermodynamics. The workshop was attended by 72 participants from 12 countries with 12 invited talks, a number of contributed talks and a poster session. A two day hands-on-tutorial on modern modelling techniques with contributions from each C project of the SFB/TR 103 complemented the workshop.