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Repair of Ni-based single crystal superalloys using vacuum plasma spraying
T. Kalfhaus, M. Schneider, B. Ruttert, D. Sebold, T. Hammerschmidt, J. Frenzel, R. Drautz, W. Theisen, G. Eggeler, O. Guillon, R. Vaßen
Materials and Design 168 (2019) article no.: 107656
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Columnar to equiaxed transition and grain refinement of cast CrCoNi medium-entropy alloy by microalloying with titanium and carbon
X.W. Liu, G. Laplanche, A. Kostka, S.G. Fries, J. Pfetzing-Micklich, G. Liu, E.P. George
J. Alloys Compounds 775 (2019) pp. 1068-1076
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On crystal mosaicity in single crystal Ni-base superalloys
P. Hallensleben, F. Scholz, P. Thome, H. Schaar, I. Steinbach, G. Eggeler, J. Frenzel
Crystals 9 (2019) article no.: 149
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Effect of temperature and texture on Hall-Petch strengthening by grain and annealing twin boundaries in the MnFeNi medium-entropy alloy
M. Schneider, F. Werner, D. Langenkaemper, C. Reinhart, G. Laplanche
Metals 9 (2019) article no.: 84
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On the influence of crystallography and dendritic microstructure on micro shear behavior of single crystal Ni-based superalloys
G. Laplanche, N. Wieczorek, F. Fox, S. Berglund, J. Pfetzing-Micklich, K. Kishida, H. Inui, G. Eggeler
Acta Mater. 160 (2018) pp. 173-184
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Phase stability and kinetics of sigma-phase precipitation in CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloys
G. Laplanche, S. Berglund, C. Reinhart, A. Kostka, F. Fox, E.P. George
Acta Mater. 161 (2018) pp. 338-351
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Development of single-crystal Ni-based superalloys based on multi-criteria numerical optimization and efficient use of refractory elements
M. Markl, A. Müller, N. Ritter, M. Hofmeister, D. Naujoks, H. Schaar, K. Abrahams, J. Frenzel, A.P.A. Subramanyam, A. Ludwig, J. Pfetzing-Micklich, T. Hammerschmidt, R. Drautz, I. Steinbach, R. Rettig, R.F. Singer, C. Körner
Met. Mat. Trans. A 49 (2018) pp. 4134-4145
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P. Hallensleben, H. Schaar, P. Thome, N. Jöns, A. Jafarizadeh, I. Steinbach, G. Eggeler, J. Frenzel
Materials & Design 128 (2017) pp. 98-111
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Reasons for superior mechanical properties of medium entropy CrCoNi compared to high-entropy CrMnFeCoNi
G. Laplanche, A. Kostka, C. Reinhart, J. Hunfeld, G. Eggeler, E.P. George
Acta Mater. 128 (2017) pp. 292-303
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D. Naujoks, Y.M. Eggeler, P. Hallensleben, J. Frenzel, S.G. Fries, M. Palumbo, J. Koßmann, T. Hammerschmidt, J. Pfetzing-Micklich, G. Eggeler, E. Spiecker, R. Drautz, A. Ludwig
Acta Mater. 138 (2017) pp. 100-110
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Decomposition of the single-phase high-entropy alloy CrMnFeCoNi after prolonged anneals at intermediate temperatures
F. Otto, A. Dlouhy, K.G. Pradeep, M. Kubenova, D. Raabe, G. Eggeler, E.P. George
Acta Mater. 112 (2016) pp. 40-52
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Microstructure evolution and critical stress for twinning in the CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy
G. Laplanche, A. Kostka, O.M. Horst, G. Eggeler, E.P. George
Acta Mater. 118 (2016) pp. 152-163
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V. Yardley, I. Povstugar, P. P. Choi, D. Raabe, A. B. Parsa, A. Kostka, C. Somsen, A. Dlouhy, K. Neuking, E. George, G. Eggeler
Advanced Engineering Materials 18 (2016) pp. 1556 - 1567
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On local phase equilibria and the appearance of nanoparticles in the microstructure of single crystal Ni-base superalloys
V. Yardley, I. Povstugar, P.-P. Choi, D. Raabe, A.B. Parsa, A. Kostka, C. Somsen, A. Dlouhy, K. Neuking, E.P. George, G. Eggeler
Advanced Engineering Materials 18 (2016) pp. 1556-1567
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G. Laplanche, U. F. Volkert, G. Eggeler, E. P. George
Oxidation of Metals 85 (2016) pp. 629 - 645
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